Steel 360

Steel Entertainment Group

Steel Entertainment Group offers both talented newcomers and established artists, from all over the world, a 360-degree management platform consisting of all services required to continue to develop and grow their careers

With close to 20 years worth of combined experience in the music industry, having managed and produced some of Holland’s most exciting club events, Steel Entertainment Group’s founders, Jordy Cobelens and Harith el Jilali, bring not only a key knowledge of the business but more importantly a passion and fresh perspective for the future of the industry.

Artists represented by Steel Entertainment Group enjoy the benefit of an organization that can manage all aspects of their career including bookings (Steel Artist Management) music (Steel Music), publishing (Steel Publishing), events (Steel Events), brand  & artist development, image building and marketing.

TW Steel

Everything steel entertainment group does is in close collaboration with TW Steel. This brings a lot of opportunities regarding billboards, magazines and other promotional stunts. Steel entertainment group is a key player in both the execution and promotion of the TW Steel lifestyle.

Steel Entertainment Group manages all TW Steel events globally.  Concepts have been successfully executed around the world.  In past years Steel Entertainment Group has delivered first-class events in Istanbul, Monaco, London and New York City.

One of the first major collaborations between TW Steel and SEG is the up-and-coming single release between SEG DJ Mitchell Niemeyer and TW Steel global brand ambassador Kelly Rowland, this will be launched towards the end of 2013.